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        編輯:廣州愛華茲英語培訓學校  時間:2015/04/17  字號:

        I''d like to send my warmest wishes to everyone around the world celebrating Chinese New Year. As the celebrations get on the way, cities across the globe are lit up with fireworks and parades。

        This is a good moment to reflect on Britain''s relationship with China. It''s a relationship based on a deep and enduring ties between our two countries. One part of this is of course economic. Last year I was delighted to lead Britain''s largest ever trade delegation to China. The Chinese economy is once again set to become the world''s largest later this century, a position it''s held for 18 of last 20 centuries。

        Britain meanwhile is growing faster almost than any other country in the west and is more open to Chinese investment than any other. That''s why in the years to come, I want our two countries to continue working closely together for the mutual benefit of all our people。

        But our relationship goes much deeper than economics. It''s great, for example, that so many Chinese students have the opportunity to come and study here in British university. And these celebrations are a reminder, too, of the richest vibrancy of Chinese culture here in the UK. And on this new year I want to pay tribute to the incredible contribution that the British Chinese community makes to this country。

        So let me once again wish you a happy new year and every possible success for the next tweleve months. Xin Nian Kuai Le!

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